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The Valkyrie stands ready to lead the rebellion against the corporate machine.
This is the end, death to the machine!

The beast and dragon clash

This opera is a shamanistic quest in the wake of apocalypse.  The Beast, a corporate machine, breaks down in the jaws of the forces of nature, the Dragon.

From the ashes of destruction arises the ancient light of the shaman, bringing hope that is incomprehensible to the sober mind.  


The lyric and picture book can be found here.

Donate for PDF of Lyric Picture book

For your own copy of a PDF of the book I am accepting donations in any amount. 

send cash app to $petethemuldoon

with your email address in the note.

or email  a screenshot of transaction to

Hard copy of book and LP coming soon.

Our upcoming performance at Eaton Hotel is postponed due to COVID-19

We are sorry but due to the pandemic and economic crash, which is ironically the subject of this opera, we will have to postpone our performance  at the Eaton Hotel.  


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